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Voy Compact Stroker

Arcwave Voy is a premium compact massager featuring a perfect fit, unmatched material quality, and smart technology. Adjust the setting to your liking to achieve a unique experience and enjoy the most exciting orgasm.
Arcwave Voy features the exclusive Fit Regulation System that targets the Merkel-Ranvier receptors in the penis, which react to pressure. Voy stimulates these receptors through its 8 pressure levels. Its compact design, custom fit, total pressure control and the highest quality CleanTech silicone make Voy the most innovative penile pleasure product on the market.

- Fit Regulation System (TAS) – Arcwave's exclusive system, designed to target the sensitive pleasure receptors in the penis that are stimulated by
Pressure. Hold on to the pleasure— this new version will unleash a series of new sensations and the most intense orgasm.
- Alternative: Designed to focus on the Merkel-Ranvier receptors of the penis and achieve a unique pleasure through pressure. When stimulated correctly, you will feel powerful waves of pleasure and a definitive change to your masturbation routine.
- 8 Adjustment Levels – Voy offers you 8 different pressure levels so you can find the ideal pressure and sensation for you.
- Alternative: To adjust the pressure on the penis, simply turn the adjustment ring to find your exact point of pleasure. You can choose between 8 different levels and choose the best option for you. Hold on to the pleasure.
- CleanTech Silicone – Arcwave's CleanTech silicone is super soft, hygienic and durable. This material gives you incredible freshness and flexibility for extraordinary pleasure.
- Compact size – This instrument of pleasure fits in the palm of your hand. Its slim shape allows you to hold and handle it perfectly. Voy has such an elegant and subtle design that you can keep it on your nightstand or keep it discreetly stored.
- Protective Covers – The Voy's covers are open on both sides for versatility, with ventilation channels that provide a low-profile design while ensuring quick drying so your Voy stays in top shape.
- Splash Proof – Voy is splash proof. Now you can bring pleasure to the bath or shower thanks to Voy

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Voy Compact Stroker
Voy Compact Stroker
Voy Compact Stroker
Voy Compact Stroker
Voy Compact Stroker
Voy Compact Stroker