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Italian Leather Wrist and collar set - Pink

The dopamine fashion trend is sweeping the world. Bloggers in Europe, America and Asia are all obsessed with this style. It is a must-know fashion keyword. Boldly use colorful colors such as: rose red, red, purple, and light green to create a bright and eye-catching daily look. Wearing it will immediately make people feel cheerful. It is a model for wearing vitality and happiness.

Bullet Points:
Made of Italian premium cow leather
Three different linings bring you different feelings
Fully adjustable with a buckle in the back for a comfortable fit.
A fashionable accessory for both beginners and advanced.

Handcuffs: 12-24cm / 4.7-9.4"
Collar: 29-44cm / 11.4-17.3"

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Italian  Leather Wrist and collar set  - Pink