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Sensory Play

Join us for an evening dedicated to the wonders of sensory play in LUST Boutique by L for Love. 

This X Lounge/Sex Salonen is an introductory workshop to sensory play, also known as impact play. Floggers and canes are two of the juiciest and most rewarding tools to access pleasure in our whole body. Consent talk, techniques, anatomy, creativity, and aftercare rituals will be discussed with a short demonstration. The introduction is followed by a practice session, where you and your partner can explore the wonders for yourself with guidance from our facilitator. People who have experience are also welcome to participate and broaden their spectrum, relearn certain basics and refine their style.

Facilitator: Ananyo is a Copenhagen-based, Indian-born architect, artist, and conscious kink practitioner. His approach to kink is influenced by elements of dance, meditation, creative expression, and connection.

The event will take place in English.

 Important info: 

1) You must sign up with a partner in order to get most out of the workshop and the practice session. So, bring your lover, PAL, friend or whomever you wish to share this experience with. 

2) You must bring your own floggers, canes, and other impact play tools. 

After the workshop, you will have the chance to land and reflect on your new experiences, while the boutique is open and offering you a discount on all impact play accessories.