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With the knowledge we now have of the female sexual anatomy, we are more aware of the importance the female prostate has, and its biological use for squirting. It is thought that the glucose in the liquid gets absorbed into the vagina, and this creates a supportive environment for sperm on its way to fertilisation.

Besides this practical aspect, is is also a very satisfying and visible part of a high octane sex-life, when a woman squirts.

Bu what is it exactly, and how can we experience it?

Female ejaculation is a clear liquid, similar to a very light lubricant. It is not the same as urine, or natural vaginal lubrication.

Both women and males ejaculation is prostatic fluid, created in the prostate gland.

The taste and smell of the fluid varies according to the menstrual cycle. Sometimes salty and strong, sometimes fresh and light, or no taste or smell at all. All is natural, and all is good.

So how to go about stimulation for this purpose?

For example, find the magic G-spot.

The G-spot varies in size from women to women - some are small, some are quite large. A common complaint is that the G-spot is hard to find.

That is because one expects to find a spot that triggers instant, orgasm like sensations. However, the G-spot varies a lot in sensitivity, ranging from nearly numb to highly sensitive.

Located just the other side of the pubic bone on the upper wall of vagina, it can be felt as a ripe strawberry or peach-pit sized spot.

The more aroused you are, the easier it will be to find it. At first you may get the sensation that you need to pee.  This is natural result of pressing against your urethra, and should go away after a few moments. With experience, this sensation may be interpreted as purely pleasurable.

Most important - all of us are different, there are no rights or wrongs.  Some ejaculate in response to G-spot stimulation, some women enjoy this stimulation but never ejaculates, and some women ejaculates upon orgasm and clitoris stimulation. Ejaculation and orgasm are separate physiological events for both women and men.

Be practical and shameless when you go exploring for new sensations -

A g-spot vibrator, g-spot dildo, a wand with a g-spot attachment and a vinyl sheet to protect your bed are all good companions for the adventure of squirting.

Have fun, and trust the process.


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