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The g-spot is actually not an isolated spot, but part of your clitoral network. The G-spot is an erogenous zone, an area that triggers sexual arousal, and can be found on the inner vaginal front wall. It is located on top if you are lying on your back, approximately 3-5 cm up, although this varies greatly from person to person. It could also be right inside the entrance of the vagina. You should be able to feel your G-spot if you insert your finger, palm up, and make a “come-here” motion with your hand. It feels a bit rougher than the soft tissues around, like a peach pit. It is easier to find the g-spot if you are turned on, or already have had an orgasm!  You might get a sudden urge to urinate, when stimulating the g-spot. This sensation is completly normal because of the g-spot’s closeness to the urethra, which is what you pee out of. The feeling will pass after a while, then you can just carry on. If you are having a problem locating it, a sex-toy with an curved angle is a great aid. There are many models specifically made for this purpose. The best sex-position to hit the g-spot is doggy style, on all fours. 

For many people the sensation of g-spot stimulation and g-spot induced orgasms are extremely pleasurable.  The g-spot stimulation can also result in female ejaculation, or “squirting”. For others this is not something special at all. So don’t get discouraged if g-spot stimulation is not for you. But you wont know it until you try it!

The G-Spot expert

Use your fingers or explore with a g-spot vibrator designed to hit your pleasure point for delightful joy and ecstasy.