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Anybody can enjoy multiple orgasms, it is not that hard. Just remember, it is not about the number, but the pleasure you get from the experience. For some, one orgasm is enough. For the majority of women, multiple orgasms is something we experience and enjoy.

So how do you get there?

Take a break during sex for seconds or minutes. After your second or third orgasm, you might feel pleasure rising, but can’t quite reach all the way.  This brief stop can allow your body to rest and reset, but it doesn't give enough time for you to stop being aroused entirely. To do this, you can change positions, get a drink of water, switch the person of focus, or stimulate another part of the body. 

Masturbate! Practicing tightening your pelvic floor muscles while you masturbate can help you train these muscles for multiple orgasms.

Knowing how your body likes to experience pleasure can help you communicate your needs to your partner, which may help you achieve more orgasms per encounter. Stimulate different areas, and reach different types of orgasms. If your goal is to have multiple orgasms, it may also be helpful to try for a different type of orgasm each time. For example, after a clitoral orgasm, your clitoris may be too sensitive for you to get pleasure from touching it. Instead, trying to stimulate your g-spot or c-spot may work better to have another orgasm in a shorter time period. Listen to your body, and go with the flow. Sex-toys is a great way to enjoy many orgasms, without getting too tired. A so called wand, for example Le Wand, is the most powerful of them all, with it you can usually achieve multiple orgasms in a matter of minutes. Have fun and enjoy!

Your new best friend..

Good choice: Designed with pleasure in mind for all bodies, Le Wand embraces and champions intimacy for all. A powerful, versatile pleasure tool that insists on bringing you to the next level.

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