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There are pelvic training tools, such as Kegel-balls, which are very popular and beneficial to use after child-birth when the PC muscle and the entire pelvic area has been extended. There are Kegel sets, with increasing weights, increased as your pelvic muscles get stronger. This excercise ir training will only take a week or two, if you train every other day. We suggest training for about 5-10 minutes to begin with, then extend the time period of training if it feels ok. Never strain during this excercise, listen to your body. Dont get discouraged if it feels difficult in the beginning, it is a muscle, and will soon get more toned. 

There are also app-controlled weight systems, like Elvie, that can keep you on the right track and motivate you as you sense the progression. A more natural approach can also be a yoni egg made of crystal, that you an insert and wear discretely, when you are home, at the yoga studio, or wherever you want!

A healthy, well trained PC muscle is important for women of all ages. It will have great benefits for your sex-life, pleasure levels and help to prevent incontinence as you grow older. The most pleasurable way to train your PC muscle however, is to have frequent orgasms. Every time you orgasm, the muscles are tightened and activated, so this is another reason for us to have sex often!

Smart kegel trainer to improve pelvic floor muscle.

A good choice: KEGEL REJUVE

App controlled kegel egg Designed to help female users to improve the pelvic floor muscle.

PC muscle training is for everyone no matter what age you are. For sexual health, before and after giving birth, to help improve your blader function and last but not least stronger orgasm.