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Edging, or orgasm-control, might be the best technique to incredibly powerful sexual experiences.  It is a common practice in tantra, and it basically means you bring yourself and/or your lover to the point of orgasm, without coming. You deliberately stop before you reach climax. This will build up the sexual energy in your body, as well as the sexual excitation between you and your lover.  

The blood flow and sensitivity in a person’s genitals is increased which then makes for a more dramatic orgasm – there’s also a psychological aspect of wanting what you can’t have. When it comes to trying the technique out for yourself, practice makes perfect and some people like to withdraw stimulation entirely as they edge - while others just dial down the intensity. Edging may also be a great way of trying out tantra and tantric sex. Delaying orgasm and prolonging the plateau of arousal is believed to increase health and bring lovers closer together emotionally and spiritually – so it’s great for couples who want to feel a deeper connection.

Tantra Sex Kærlighed og Spiritualitet

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