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When the G-spot and the urethral sponge are stimulated, the tissue of the urethral sponge fills with blood, and the paraurethral glands with a translucent liquid, that is not pee. Some women report they can feel the glands and ducts filling up. Good pelvic muscle tone is necessary for ejaculation. A well-toned muscle is one that you can contract and relax with ease. You may find that the ability to relax and “just let it flow” inspires ejaculation. The sensation is as if the outer third part of the vagina is pushing out, rather than contracting. 

Usually it takes more than one type of stimulation to inspire ejaculation, most women report that they combine clitoral stimulation with g-spot stimulation to make them squirt. 

You may find it easier to ejaculate after you’ve already had an orgasm, or two.  All the erectile tissues of your genitals will then be swollen and more sensitive to stimulation. The amount of liquid varies a lot from woman to woman. Prepare with a towel, explore and don’t hold back! Enjoy the sensation of manifesting your sexuality externally, literally. 

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Good read: "Orgasmebogen", where you can learn all about female orgasms.
Illustration from "Orgasmebogen" by Kristine Tiedt