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Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm

A cooling and gliding-effect balm designed to enhance arousal during fellatio. Its gentle cooling effect contrasts with your mouth's natural warmth, while the gliding effect reduces friction during the "up and down" motion so you can showcase your best moves. Plus, it tastes and smells amazing... mmmm coconut!

- Compatible with erotic toys. Avoid direct contact with latex condoms.
- Cooling effect: contains the patented molecule Frescolat.
- Gliding effect to reduce friction during fellatio.

How to use it?
Apply directly to the lips or penis. Once you take him in your mouth, the cooling effect will intensify and form a gliding film that reduces friction during oral sex. Reapply as required.

Any tips?
Perfect movements for the perfect blow job! The coconut scent and sweet minty flavour make this balm an oral sex must-have as it reduces friction during fellatio (stops your mouth from getting tired).

10 ml

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Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm
Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm
Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm
Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm
Slow Sex Oral Sex Balm