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Tantra Sex Kærlighed og Spiritualitet

Sex, love and spirituality by Anne Sophie Jørgensen.

After the great success of the book THE NEW TANTRA, the author's first book on tantra: TANTRA – SEX, LOVE AND SPIRITUALITY have been republished.

A tantric book filled with basic exercises, providing inspiration and can be read with great advantage by those who would like to take a step further in their development.

Furthermore, the book provides an in-depth theoretical introduction to the philosophy behind tantra and the modern further development of tantra, which the author has been very successful her practice as a tantric guide for more than 10 years now. With this book, tantra is made relevant  to a modern western audience who wants to work with love and sexuality as a tool for self-development and a path to better relationships.

Language Danish
Year of publication: 2014
240 pages

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